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Brake fluid - what is it and why do I need it?

Brake fluid transfers the pressure you put on the brake pedal through to the actual brakes.
Without the brake fluid your brakes quite simply would not work. As everyone knows - not having brakes is a huge problem! In fact even slightly affected brakes are very dangerous.

Why is brake fluid replacement necessary?

Brake fluid absorbs moisture very easily. Brake fluids are also subject to very high temperatures and so they are designed to have a high boiling point to stop them from boiling and evaporating- when brake fluid has accumulated too much moisture- this lowers its boiling point and it can boil off more easily causing low levels. Low levels of brake fluid affect your braking performance and could mean your car will fail to stop.
Brake Fluid that has absorbed too much moisture will also shorten the life of your braking system including damaging the callipers, wheel cylinders and anti-lock braking systems.

How often should I replace my brake fluid?

Your manufacturer's log book will advise how regularly your brake fluid should be changed or flushed, we recommend a drain and replacement every two years however it is wise to have it regularly checked by an expert at every service to make sure the levels are not reducing too fast (a sign of a leak) or that the moisture levels have not reached a point that could be damaging your system.

Do you check the brake fluids during a car service?

At Wamuran Driveway we offer a full 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report, upon request, with every full car service which includes a written review of your brake fluid, master cylinder, front and back discs and pads, callipers and cylinders and more. This inspection helps to identify any issues in your vehicle which should be addressed and our mechanics will certainly advise you if they feel your vehicle might need a brake fluid replacement, or an out of schedule brake system service or repairs.

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